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#298168 - It is a little known but true fact that in most women's professional sports the players are often chased by lesbians for overnight trysts, and most of the time they would try to contact the girls at the airport or in the hotels the teams are staying in. I could use one, answered Rachel! Which one, the drink or the shower, asked Fay?!? Both, replied a laughing Rachel! Both! THE END. I love blondes, Fay said, as she looked Rachel over from head to toe, making Rachel feel even more self conscious as the stranger looked at her with a critical eye! When Fay reached out and closed the door, Rachel knew that they weren't going out for a drink! Walking over to Rachel, Fay ran her hand up and down her arm and put her mouth close to Rachel's ear and whispered softly, Do you like to have your pussy eaten? By now Fay's hand had roamed all over her and was lightly massaging Rachel's chest, and with a stronger voice Fay asked again, Do you like gettin

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