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#116056 - Maryellen said; I'll take her now Bull and grabbed her by the arm and right in front of her and holding her little arms back behind her as Aunt Esterr reached right out and grabbed her barely even budding out little tiny titties and toyed with them admiring how her nipples seemed to be really puffed out and how they felt long and like carrot sized from her tiny tit flesh!! Then moved her hand down and felt her pussy and hardly any hair on it at all and how puffy and swollen her pussy lips were and sealed together damn tight, and how her little clit swelled right out as she toyed with her and said well Mistuss Maryellen thisun' gonna take a lot of doin' ta' get ready!! As Maryellen looked At both Bull and Louie and said get their little asses on the tables right now!! And Bull you put that little slut bitch of mine on her own table and I and Louie will get both of these one one table because the two of them will fit perfectly on one table and put one on one

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