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#104094 - “What are you smiling about Raven?” “I just got done fucking my bitch Beast“ “ok Raven” Tanya was laughing because she didn't hear Robin, “What is so funny” “Well Star-fire and I think our leader is out cold from the fucking you have given him, sound like he can't handle a cock“ Just then Robin walked into the room” “Tanya I can handle Raven dick without any problems“ “Oh yea I bet she has a small dick anyway“ Raven turns around “so you think I got a small cock do you“ “Yes I do“ so Raven stands up and dropped her pants and shows everyone her 9 inch cock” “So you got a bigger cock than Beast“ says Tara, All Tanya could do was stare at Raven cock as it starts growing and it was long enough to put any man to shame. “Tanya I really like you nothing will change that” “I have a… dick Beast“ “OH your like Raven”. “come on over here you hot little slut” Raven says to Tara.

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Kirika akatsuki
Shit clip 9 1 2 minutes of talking