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#60552 - I then lay on my back on the bed, Pauline pulled Jerry over, he licked my butt, then quickly jumped up, his cock going in my open butt, and I began to enjoy more of his k9 cock, he was happy to fuck me for some time, I love the speed, and heat from his cock, the others watched as he made me his bitch, knotting me fully, and soon the feeling of hot doggy cum flooded my hole, Jerry stayed firm, his cock seeding me long and hard, Pauline even said it looked like my tummy was swelling with the amount of cum going in me. I told Lee to use the douche as later I wanted to fuck him again, while we rested a bit, Alf lay with us, as we kissed our way around my beautiful sisters body, she just had this silly just fucked look on her face, she still wasn't fully down from her orgasm's. I told lee and Pauline to lay down with their faces together, as soon as they did, I stood over them, moved my hand and let gallons of dog cum run out , covering them both, Pauline looked so sexy covered i

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My turn
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I suffer for her extreme beauty
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