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#237450 - we all want one thing” yankees2girl: i try to shake my head away but your grip is too strong who cares dad, i wanted it too i say quietly fucinhigh08: “of course you did, your just like your mother a horny little bitch” i grab tighter, “and seeing you like to fuck around and be a slut, your gonna have to show your old man what a slut you are. suck it you little bitch make daddy cum if you want some new school clothes” yankees2girl: i suck faster and harder trying to keep up with you slaming me, i reach up with my free hand and start rubbing your balls fucinhigh08: “ya thats it bitch” i say “gag yourself show daddy how much you like it” yankees2girl: i try to shove your cock as far as it will go and i start coughing hard but i try and leave it there” fucinhigh08: i hold your head down to help you feeling that you aint trying to get up .

Read Butts Hahri's Lumpy Star Ch. 1-6 - Original Gloryholes Hahri's Lumpy Star Ch. 1-6

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I want to give you some honest props i never thought any one could make touch of all songs into a pmv great work and i hope to see more from you
Miyuki hoshizora
I wish one day i could bang that ass
Mirai kamiki
Gotta love a chick who will grab a dick in shove it up her ass