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#216186 - The Long Weekend Heather- Narrator, 15 year old HS Sophomore, 5’5 125 LBS, Basketball and Soccer player. Three rebels! We got to IHOP and had breakfast; we took our time to make sure we wouldn’t get to Kelly’s house before her parents left. When I came back Bridgette was laying on her back touching herself, I got on the bed and began to kiss her, I could tell she was welcoming of that and she came also as she fingered her clit while I kidded her, she pulled the covers up and spooned me as we closed our eyes, drunk, high, and sexually satisfied, I looked at the clock 2:53AM, I wanted to stay here with her but also knew I should go back down stairs, I tried to sleep and did for a little I awoke at 4:32 and decided to go downstairs, I snuck out of the bed, found my shirt and shorts but couldn’t find my panties, I decided to say screw it and tip toed down stairs, In the living room the lights were off but the light from the kitchen was on and gave enough light to see Kelly and Julie

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