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#21449 - Jim was playing his part very well, everything was going to plan, Jan’s hostility towards the electrician was giving way to the wanton pleasure’s she was receiving from the his stiff bald cock as it pushed in and out of her virgin arse, he was quite proud of himself and could not wait to tell his friend Peter the good news. I then proceeded to massage her neck and shoulders all the time slowly working my way down to her legs to her toes, spending considerable time on both feet and toes I slowly worked my way up the right leg to pause at her bum cheeks still avoiding the pussy and back door areas, when I reached the top on her neck I applied some more oil to my hands and this time moved quickly down to probe her pussy and arse finally pushing a thumb up her bum and two fingers into her cunt moving them in and out around and around, Jan was sure enjoying this and I wasted no time reminding her that good girls get nice rewards, bad girls get punished “yes master” came the reply. As she

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De donde es esta hermosa mujer