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#392595 - Now Jackie was seventeen and I really was get very desperate for girlfriend and one what I could Fuck! A year without sex with drive any man crazy no matter how many time Christy got me off I need the real thing So I called Jackie and ask her “ hey Jackie is there any of your girl friends who are of age that are single?” I asked “ well I have this on of my friends named Lisa who is single but she a little crazy!” “ is she over eighteen Jackie?” I asked “ Yes she is but Scott she is a little crazy!” Jackie said “ Jackie I’m desperate!” I told her “ Ok here her number ###-###-####” she said “ thank you Jackie I really wish I could hook back up with you but I’m lucky your grandma allowing me talk to you” I said “ I know I had talk with her six month ago and told her it wasn’t right for her punish you so hard so she at least allowing you to call to me I miss you Scott!” “ I miss you to Jackie and I still love you!” I told her “ I love you to Scott wait about ten minutes before call so I

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