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#93901 - Then he started to kiss up my body and as he came up he kissed my stomach and up my chest and took a nipple into his mouth licking and flicking it with his tongue, as my son moved up my body he placed my legs onto his shoulders so the higher he got up my body the high my ass came up from the bed to give him greater ease to enter me and when he reached my mouth with his I felt him take hold of his cock and place it so the head so resting against my hole he took his hand away and pushed forward and like my the head of his cock popped inside me I whisper in his ear O James my son that's wonderful go on push it right it fill me up please my son. He turned round and sat back up on the bed and pulled me to him and kissed me fully on the lips and said thanks dad, well I said I see your hard once more well after what you just done to me James said it's no wonder it is hard again.

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Yuumi hoshino
The cum returned to my penis when i heard her say you painted my face
Chiyomi anzai
Any one know her name