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#111851 - When he’d finally offered the opportunity to work as a slaver she had jumped at the chance with a combination of disbelief at her luck and relief, she said, that she wasn’t the only one who wanted to discard any artificial boundaries on her actions. As was standard for those few dog-slaves who arrived in a virginal state, 534 had been declared off limits for any of his staff’s amorous attentions as Sam was well aware that quite a few of his clients valued bitches which were ‘untouched by human hands’ and paid a premium price for it. At the least, it made the tail hard to forget for the wearer and, for some, it provided a source of constant, humiliating stimulation.

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Kirche augusta frederica von anhalt zerbst
Very hot you should do one where he catches u watching bbc porn
Mikoto misaka
Really enjoyed it good story telling not just bang bang from first minute
You guys are so hot
She is so hot she must really like big cock
Terra branford
I wanna suck a cock like that tbh