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#158179 - My cock stiffened for a second, and I felt the tingle of impending orgasm wash over my loins. My balls are so full right now…I have so much cum for you… Oooohhh…no…you’ll knock me up… I want you to feel how hard my cock gets when I cum…feeling it spasming and pulsing deep inside you, just knowing I’m filling your fertile pussy up with every hot drop of my cum… Mmmmmmm… I want you to feel how hard you’re gonna make me cum, every hot drop filling you up as I shoot it all into you… My whispers became softer, my strokes slow and deep…her moans became softer as I coaxed her, her eyes closed, mouth agape in pure ecstasy as she imagined the feeling of everything I said… Please baby…I know you want it…your body needs it…your womb is aching to be filled…let me cum in you…you want to feel me spurt inside you…you want it so bad…let me do it…let me cum all inside your pussy…. Ashley started to moan louder as her juices started to run down her fingers.

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