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#246379 - So, we picked her at first, she agreed to everything we wanted, but when we brought her home she changed she was 18 and didn’t want to go back to school so we said ok she wanted to wait to have kids a year and although Eric wasn’t ok with it I was fine because I could pay someone to carry a baby for me. I tell Molly to go over the spanking bench as I pick up the small whip and I run my hands over her ass its nice so I swing the whip and hit her I her gasp so I swing and hit her again as her ass turns red. Nat- I ask them if they did all of this for the last one and Mistress says no? Ann- I tell her about that bitch she was only with a for a few months we were looking at someone else when we asked her she said no so she was sold to someone else I trained Jill she heard me talking one day and ask if she could be my slave she was pretty although not as pretty as you so I told her I would give her a try she was really sweet and did everything I said and when Eric met her he liked her s

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Kasumi yashiro
Lol well said
Yuki kotonomiya
After every like my tits grows a little you know what to do
Momo chiyoda
So sexy
She is having the time of her life
Buena flaquita