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#350037 - She reached at my pussy area and this time my panties were soaked wet and started rubbing my pussy through the panties, I was breathing soo heavily and suddenly she stopped. [b]It was late at night, I was soo pissed off from Jeff (my boyfriend), so I just got into my car and stormed out of the house, I did not know where to go or anything I just wanted to get away from all that crap he is. By the way I didn’t tell you what I was wearing and what do I look like, im 5,5 hazel eyes with brownish blonde hair, my tits are 34CC, and at that day I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a jeans short and some sport socks and boots, and underneath, a white panties and blue bra.

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This is a real woman forget everything else
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Shouhei fukunaga
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