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#346923 - The Social Studies teacher was a good sight; she had just graduated from the teacher school, and she were 20-ish years old. All of them wore hot-pants, zipped down, and no T-Shirts, seeing it was now quite hot outside, I understood them, The Sport Gang were in 8B, so I couldn’t look at them in class. On the way down I thought this was gonna be great – to be honest I had a crush on Lisa at the time, so this was extreme! We were downstairs, standing right outside the janitor’s closet, she smiled: “Could you get the keys?” she then pushed her tits up, and I grabbed the key between her breast, making me feel the cleavage perfectly, it was a very soft skin, and I could feel that she wore a bra, “she won’t wear that one for long” I thought.

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Leina ashta
She should have a flashlight made
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