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#97199 - He was about to yell out to her, when all at once he recalled that about a month ago he thought he detected the faint smell incense, but Sylvia had just laughed it off and told him that she had spilled some vanilla while cooking, and that must be what he was smelling. m. Knowing that to resist was futile, Fred tried to relax his muscles to allow easier entry by the invading black shaft, and much to his surprise, the more he relaxed, the more turned on he became!!! Here he was, fucking his wife's pussy, while his own asshole was being shafted by his black master!!! Sylvia too realized the gravity of the situation, that her husband was now a fuck doll for her black master, and that she was sure that both of them would from now on be willing submissives before the huge black pecker that was in need constant attention! Fred and his master were now stroking in tandem, and both of their peckers were on the verge of orgasm! Fred had heard his wife beg to be fucked many times in the past

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