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#304056 - People just keep your head on a swivel and be ready for anything even site of what happened to the crew understood they reply with yes sir, with that we open the air lock and with a metallic thunk the door lock opened and it opened in two parts and moved in to the walls like most doors do now and we see a ton of damage like I beams and ribbing of the ships skeleton broken and hanging down in the halls and some of the I guess sliding doors like the airlock like I said they all do that and this one is jammed half way open and there’s soft screams for help and crying and the ships comp is repeating the same warning reactor breach coolant and radiation contamination t minus 10 minutes till total reactor meltdown…. E. I reply with how about his armor? Talous reply’s with sir Anubis armor is actually unique it is a composite armor of a special dark matter that’s as strong as its massively heavy brother but much stronger and also its naturally infused with amberite which as you know sir i

Read Blondes Youmu-chan to Hinokiburox - Touhou project Fucking Youmu-chan to Hinokiburox

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