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#1697 - “Ohhhhhhh, yes!” Krista leaned over and gave Tim a deep kiss on the mouth before whispering, “Okay, baby, fuck her hard!” Even though she knew that it was going to be brutal, Sarah had no way of knowing that her pussy was about to be assaulted by what amounted to a small baseball bat! For added traction Tim grasped her by the legs, and after giving Krista one last look, lunged forward, driving all eleven inches deep inside of her unsuspecting cunt! Realizing what was about to happen from past experience, Krista instinctively covered the shocked teacher’s mouth with her hand to keep her from screaming out loud at the top of her lungs! Sarah Madison’s eyes literally rolled back into her head as the slim hipped teenager powered his massive penis in and out of her defenseless pussy with almost brutal ferocity! Krista had never seen Tim fucking another woman, but incredibly instead of revulsion, her own pussy was being whipped into and absolute frenzy at the mere sight of his thickness v

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