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#14693 - And the other clothing she had never seen before, skirts that were so short it would be pointless wearing any panties and tops that barely covered anything, such inappropriate clothing for a young teen. Lie back and fuck yourself with the dildo” “Sorry master I thought I heard a noise - but must have been mistaken” “Lie back and close your eyes whore and use that dildo on your pussy in and out do it and moan loud for me” “OH SHIT - IT'S LAURA AND SHE'S COMMING UP STAIRS WITH SOMEONE - HELP ME MASTER - OH GOD. Having obeyed the master speaks again “Spread your legs wider bitch – um yes nice panties; rub your finger along the front so that I can see your cunt lips” Having watched Amanda rub her vagina for a couple of minutes the master tells her to take the lap top and the delivered box into Laura’s room and set the lap top up in front of the large mirrored wall.

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