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#389483 - I started on her shoulders and upper back and oiling her as much as I could without hurting her and all she was doing was moaning saying oh god that feels so good. I grabbed a glass and pouring me a tall one downed it fast saying so there could be a little one out of what happened today? She cringed but nodded maybe, I am older and it might be ok, so I wanted you to know I hadn’t planned on it going as far as it did and damn, I’m squishy with all your cum between my legs I’ll be right back. As we laid there she says holy shit baby that was incredible, you’ve missed your calling on being a masseuse and a full on masseuse as they are called.

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Doppo kannonzaka
The fake moaning hahahahaha
Ririchiyo shirakiin
Oh my god your hands is perfect for my nipels and pussy and you should fist my ass and there we go fuck my ass
Shut the fuck up bitch and suck