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#183324 - When  I was clean she got back laying on her back waiting for her next command thank you Melissa I said as she giggled I moved over to laurien looking down at her body don't worry you are a virgin your first time must be special so I will take it easy I said to her ensure her safety as she nodded but soon said it's okay my liege do what you desire with me she said with a ensuring look on her face okay if you say so I say smiling I lay my hands on her hips and slowly start to push in her feeling her tightness around me she starts to moan loudly ooh god that's big ooh no keep going she moans out so I decided to keep pushing inch by inch till I hit her cherry I stopped and looked up to her are you ready Laurien?  I asked her smiling yes sire she said so I went for it I pushed in breaking her cherry softly ooh fuck yes that feels amazing thank you she said after a few seconds of screaming I sank deep inside her and rested in her letting her walls get used to my cock do

Read Casal Namaiki Hierarchy | 没大没小的等级制度 Girlfriends Namaiki Hierarchy | 没大没小的等级制度

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