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#303479 - “I bought a new mobile just to do it” Tally admitted with a giggle “It was well worth the cost too” she joked “I can’t believe you have done that, you just ring the number of the mobile down there and enjoy?” Laura asked and Tally nodded “Its just that simple” Laura imagined Tally doing it, she knew her friend was the sort to try anything once and had no doubt that she had indeed done this, and after all she was right about the washing machine so why not this, it did have a naughtiness to it that excited Laura. It was in a clothes shop that Laura first felt ready to try her new toy out she looked around and saw a few people close by as she pulled her mobile out and put the number in, pausing she took a deep breath and hit ‘call’. “Was it good?” those were Tally’s first words when she saw Laura the next day and the answer was a big yes.

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Cure beat
Looks like hes kneading dough