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#49156 - The line suddenly went dead and for a second or two panic set in, as she was frozen in her seat unable to move!!! She was belted back to reality when she heard a knocking on the wall and a large thick penis appeared through the opening !!! Getting up from her chair she crossed the room and gently took the organ into her hand reveling in the fact that she actually had a man's erect organ in her presence once again!!! She knew that this was to be straight sex, but she just had to have it in her mouth, so without asking, she slipped the head into her mouth and gave it a loving tongue bath, taking great care to probe the tiny slit that was now drooling precum into her mouth!!! It had been so long since she had enjoyed the sweet sensation of having a hard pecker in her mouth, and for sure she was going to enjoy it to the max!!! Although the hunger in her cunt was insistent, she still felt an over powering need to have this beautiful penis fill her mouth with its life giving fluids!!!

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