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#251032 - Mistress says: It is time for you to serve me my little slave Come over here to me NOW Stephen says: As you wish my Mistress Mistress says: I'm pushing you to the floor Stephen says: hard Mistress says: You just will not behave tonight I have to slap that cute little face Slapping it HARD and AGAIN I grab your chin and pull head up so you are looking at me Who OWNS YOU Stephen says: Oh god you do Mistress says: Why do I OWN YOU Stephen says: To serve you Mistress says: What are YOU Stephen says: Ur bitch boi Mistress says: and Stephen says: Your slave Mistress says: Very good my nasty whore you have been paying attention You are kneeling on the floor in front of me Stephen says: and looking at you Mistress says: I grab a fist full of your hair and pull your face up to my hot wet pussy Mistress says: Do you want this BITCH Stephen says: Yes ma'am Mistress says: How bad Stephen says: More than anythin

Read Lez Traumatic Phantasm #03 - Original Mexico Traumatic Phantasm #03

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